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Unlike a lot of professional photographers, I embrace all aspects of the art of photography; this means I don't just show up to take your pictures, and ship them off to somebody else to outsource the editing. I do everything myself, so I don't have to pay others to do it for me (including building this website); with the exception of second/third shooters at weddings or events, which I often recommend (because I can't literally be in two or three places at once).


I also don't try to trick people into buying their digital photos or print releases, or force them into ordering prints from me. I find these business practices to be dishonest, off-putting, and price-gouging. The bottom line is I also really enjoy what I do, and I want to do it for as many people as possible; keeping my rates low helps it be more about the art, and helps spread the word about my company!

speaking of prices and honest business practices, why don't you list your rates for events?

it's hard to give a reliable quote to cover an event up-front without understanding the unique demands of the event. If I was to give a ball-park estimate for small family gatherings that last a few hours, you can expect to pay a little bit more than a portrait session. However, I have also been asked to cover large corporate events that have been spread across several conference areas, with a dedicated studio setup and second shooter for headshots, and horrible lighting that required the rental of several expensive strobe lights. So the pricing is all relative!


In either case, rest assured I will provide a reasonable invoice for review, prior to the event, that will detail all of my costs, including costs peculiar to a particular event. As I stated above, I enjoy what I do, and I want people to spread the word about how great their photos were, and what a reasonable price they got from their photographer! ;-)

you've been throwing this "second shooter" term around; what does that mean? AND COST?

A second (or third) shooter is another experienced photography professional that I will contract to help my company service an event or wedding that requires more coverage than I can reasonably provide on my own. They are always vetted individuals that own their own photography company, or are experienced in second-shooting for other photographers. Any second or third shooter I contract to help, I know their quality of work is astounding.


I recommend allowing me to contract at least a second shooter for large weddings or weddings with a busy timeline, or for large corporate/commercial events. Otherwise, if I feel there is a need, I will explain the logistics of why I believe a second (or third) shooter will be helpful. I will never push a service on a client that I believe is unnecessary.


As each second shooter is a photography professional themselves, they each charge different hourly rates. I will share the rate of the second shooter I select at the time of invoice delivery, so you will have no surprises as to what your total expected charge will be; I also do not place any kind of a markup on the rates I quote for second or third shooters.

What can i expect for my portrait session?

So basically, you just need to use the contact form on this website (or text, phone, or email) and we'll figure out a time and a location that works for all parties. Then, I will send you an invoice and a contract; I will need a [defined] deposit payment and signature(s), respectively. The contract protects the rights of both the client (you) and the photographer (me), in the case that something should go awry (it won't, but you can never be too safe).


I will bring my camera and a variety of lenses and other creative tools to capture amazing pictures of you, your friends, family, kids, pet parrot, whatever man! No judgment. After our time together has run out (I know, sad), I will race home to load the pictures onto my laptop and start the editing process. Depending on the number of pictures and how booked I am, you can generally expect to receive fully-edited images between a few days and a week. I have, on occasion, delivered pictures same-day or a day later, as my schedule has allowed.


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